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Oswestry 8

24. Bargain Hunt: Series 30, Oswestry 8

Tim Wonnacott hosts a celebrity edition of the antiques challenge.


4332. EastEnders: 09/12/2011

Lola's health hangs in the balance after the accident, and the police catch up with Phil.


4330. EastEnders: 06/12/2011

Zainab struggles to cope with Yusef's admission, and the police raid Phil's properties.


4331. EastEnders: 08/12/2011

Phil's search for his stalker takes a disastrous turn when Lola ends up getting hurt.


4325. EastEnders: 28/11/2011

A desperate Roxy makes the unwise decision to dig for dirt on Derek.


4321. EastEnders: 22/11/2011

Jack's attempt to reach out to Tanya backfires, leading her to make a momentous decision.


4322. EastEnders: 23/11/2011

Tanya is left panicked when she discovers Lauren has been missing all night.


4320. EastEnders: 21/11/2011

Tanya feels the pressure as she continues to keep her illness a secret.


4318. EastEnders: 15/11/2011

Alfie cranks up the Moon charm as he helps Anthony and Tyler shift some Yuletide goods.


4306. EastEnders: 25/10/2011

Christian continues to put his trust in Syed but a jealous Ben intervenes.


4308. EastEnders: 28/10/2011

Yusef persuades Christian to make an unwise decision, and Lola bonds with Ben.


4275. EastEnders: 01/09/2011

Kat receives an intriguing phone call and struggles to come to terms with some shock news.


4255. EastEnders: 28/07/2011

Julie and Jean are panicked to find the Vic toilets covered in blood.


4256. EastEnders: 29/07/2011

Jean is left reeling when an angry Eddie turns on her for snooping through his letters.

Part 2

EastEnders Omnibus: Part 2

Michael carries out his final act of revenge against Ronnie on the day of her sentencing.


4248. EastEnders: 15/07/2011

Billy is on top of the world as he introduces Lola to the rest of the Mitchell clan.


4247. EastEnders: 14/07/2011

Christian forces Zainab into an emotional showdown over his adoption plans.


4246. EastEnders: 12/07/2011

A devastated Mercy decides to return to Nigeria in secret.


4245. EastEnders: 11/07/2011

Billy and Julie receive heartbreaking news when they finally pay a visit to their son.


4240. EastEnders: 04/07/2011

Ronnie is stunned when Michael finally reveals his true intentions.


4244. EastEnders: 08/07/2011

Eddie has to intervene when Jack hunts Michael down to make him pay for his manipulations.