Rebecca Front

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The Unseen Bits

9. Would I Lie to You?: Series 5, The Unseen Bits

Rob Brydon hosts an episode of unseen material from the panel show.

Episode 1

1. Would I Lie to You?: Series 5, Episode 1

With guests Rebecca Front, Jack Whitehall, Nick Hewer and Miranda Hart.

The Gentleman Vanishes

7. New Tricks: Series 8, The Gentleman Vanishes

The UCOS team reinvestigate the disappearance of a prominent physics professor.

The Sweet Little Girl in White

1. Just William: The Sweet Little Girl in White

The Botts move into Croombe Hall, with a few surprises for William and his friends.

Parrots for Ethel

2. Just William: Parrots for Ethel

Exotic Uncle Neville visits, and William decides to give a lecture on 'intrestin' animals.

William Holds the Stage

4. Just William: William Holds the Stage

William tries to impress tomboy Dorinda in a Shakespeare competition.