Ricky Norwood

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4335. EastEnders: 15/12/2011

After Phil's latest stunt, the feud between the Mitchells and the Brannings worsens.


EastEnders Omnibus: 23/10/2011

Syed faces a hard choice when his daughter Yasmin visits the Square for the first time.


4303. EastEnders: 20/10/2011

Ian reaches a momentous decision after a heart-to-heart with Alfie.


4304. EastEnders: 21/10/2011

Tyler tries to attract Whitney's attention at the party, and a familiar face returns.

Omnibus 4

4. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 4

Zainab makes the gang search the bins for Tamwar's missing cufflink. Ava acts strangely.


EastEnders Omnibus: 02/10/2011

Masood comes to a decision about his marriage, while Syed vows to uncover the truth.


4293. EastEnders: 03/10/2011

A shock revelation changes life for the Moons, and Phil and Patrick's feud escalates.

Omnibus 3

3. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 3

An angry Zainab arrives at 3 Albert Square to accuse the E20 gang of destroying Walford.


4292. EastEnders: 30/09/2011

Determined to see the back of Vanessa, Michael pays her to leave Walford for good.

Omnibus 2

2. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 2

Living in a squat begins to take its effect and life changes when Janine calls the police.

Omnibus 1

1. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 1

Kicked out of her grandma's house, Faith seeks shelter with newcomers Ava and Donnie.


4277. EastEnders: 05/09/2011

Alfie tries to make amends with Kat but their reconciliation does not go to plan.


4273. EastEnders: 29/08/2011

It is Anthony's birthday, and Ian finds himself in a dangerous situation.


4269. EastEnders: 22/08/2011

Whitney is paralysed with fear when Rob returns to Walford wanting her forgiveness.


4271. EastEnders: 25/08/2011

Despite Whitney's protests, Fat Boy calls on Ryan to help them deal with Rob.


4270. EastEnders: 23/08/2011

A vengeful Rob tracks Whitney down in Southend, and Dot visits Rose at home.


4246. EastEnders: 12/07/2011

A devastated Mercy decides to return to Nigeria in secret.


4228. EastEnders: 13/06/2011

Janine and Lydia reach out to one another during a dark night of the soul.