Rolf Harris

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Produced by George Martin

Arena: Produced by George Martin

A rich and intimate portrait of celebrated record producer, Sir George Martin.

Graham Sutherland

4. Rolf on Welsh Art: Series 1, Graham Sutherland

Rolf explores the life of Graham Sutherland, who was passionate about Pembrokeshire.

Shani Rhys James

3. Rolf on Welsh Art: Series 1, Shani Rhys James

Rolf meets Shani Rhys James whose vivid style is influenced by her family history.

Mary Christmas

17. My Family: Mary Christmas

Ben looks upon the new year as a chance to renew an old battle with his neighbour.

Danger in the Penguin Colony

2. Penguin Island: Danger in the Penguin Colony

Bluey and Sheila are struggling to feed their chicks and protect them from predators.


2. Primary Class Clips: Art and Design 2, Painting

Clips from the BBC archive show different styles of paintings.