Rupert Graves

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Episode 4

4. Garrow's Law: Series 3, Episode 4

A vicious riot erupts on polling day in the Westminster constituency.

Episode 3

3. Garrow's Law: Series 3, Episode 3

Garrow must choose between exposing colonial brutality and re-uniting Sarah with her son.

Episode 1

1. Garrow's Law: Series 3, Episode 1

Garrow risks his reputation to defend the indefensible, and changes British law forever.

Episode 1

1. Death in Paradise: Series 1, Episode 1

DI Richard Poole is sent to investigate an impossible murder on a tiny paradise island.

Fashion Victim

6. New Tricks: Series 7, Fashion Victim

The team reinvestigates the murder of fashion designer Ritchie Levene.

The Great Game

3. Sherlock: Series 1, The Great Game

A battle of wits ensues between Sherlock and a stranger who seems to know all the answers.

A Study in Pink

1. Sherlock: Series 1, A Study in Pink

Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet, and tackle the case of the Impossible Suicides.