Ruthie Henshall

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Episode 3

3. The Case: Episode 3

Tony's big day in the witness box begins badly after a disturbing encounter outside court.

Episode 2

2. The Case: Episode 2

Metzler produces a new witness who gives damaging evidence against Tony.

Episode 1

1. The Case: Episode 1

A barrister is assigned his first murder case, and the defendant takes drastic action.

Episode 4

4. The Case: Episode 4

Karl drops a bombshell in the witness box, damaging Tony's credibility.

Episode 5

5. The Case: Episode 5

Jess and Dan grapple with an appalling discovery, and the jury reach their verdict.

Episode 3

3. Tonight's the Night: Series 3, Episode 3

Beverley Knight duets with one of her biggest fans.