Samuell Benta

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Hitting the Wall

160. Doctors: Series 13, Hitting the Wall

Cherry treats a young leukaemia patient who is pushing himself too hard.

Omnibus 5

5. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 5

Riley's in big trouble, but can Donnie save her or is it too little too late?

Omnibus 4

4. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 4

Zainab makes the gang search the bins for Tamwar's missing cufflink. Ava acts strangely.

Omnibus 2

2. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 2

Living in a squat begins to take its effect and life changes when Janine calls the police.

Omnibus 1

1. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 1

Kicked out of her grandma's house, Faith seeks shelter with newcomers Ava and Donnie.