Shane Richie

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4351. EastEnders: 03/01/2012

Denise takes a stand against Phil with a very public campaign.


4347. EastEnders: 30/12/2011

Kat and Alfie throw a birthday party for Tommy, but will it bring them closer together?


4329. EastEnders: 05/12/2011

As Yusef and Zainab get ready to move to Pakistan, a secret threatens to ruin their plans.


EastEnders Omnibus: 27/11/2011

Will a desperate Lauren be forced to reveal her darkest secret?


4318. EastEnders: 15/11/2011

Alfie cranks up the Moon charm as he helps Anthony and Tyler shift some Yuletide goods.


4319. EastEnders: 17/11/2011

Kat pleads with Alfie, and he reaches a decision about their relationship.


4317. EastEnders: 14/11/2011

Phil is unnerved to receive another mysterious photograph from an anonymous source.


4303. EastEnders: 20/10/2011

Ian reaches a momentous decision after a heart-to-heart with Alfie.


4301. EastEnders: 17/10/2011

Syed faces a difficult choice when his daughter visits the Square for the first time.


4300. EastEnders: 14/10/2011

Syed and Christian struggle with last night's revelation, while Masood fears the worst.


4299. EastEnders: 13/10/2011

A broken Zainab finally gives in to Yusef's game-playing and flees from the Square.


EastEnders Omnibus: 16/10/2011

Yusef's meddling pushes Zainab to breaking point. Tyler tries to impress Whitney.

EastEnders: The New Moons

EastEnders: The New Moons

Going behind the scenes of Eddie and Michael Moon's extraordinary time in Walford.


4294. EastEnders: 04/10/2011

Vanessa fights her corner with Eddie, betraying Michael in the process.

Huntington's Disease Association

Lifeline: Huntington's Disease Association

Shane Richie makes an appeal to raise funds for the Huntington's Disease Association.


EastEnders Omnibus: 10/09/2011

Alfie is knocked for six after receiving some miraculous news. Dot gets another housemate.


4282. EastEnders: 13/09/2011

The Moon family spectacularly implodes as fight night finally comes to pass.


EastEnders Omnibus: 04/09/2011

Darren is forced to take a stand when Harry offers to pay for the wedding.


4278. EastEnders: 06/09/2011

Kat and Alfie must face up to a painful loss.


4277. EastEnders: 05/09/2011

Alfie tries to make amends with Kat but their reconciliation does not go to plan.


4276. EastEnders: 02/09/2011

Kat's secret is threatened as Shenice stumbles upon the truth.


4275. EastEnders: 01/09/2011

Kat receives an intriguing phone call and struggles to come to terms with some shock news.


4273. EastEnders: 29/08/2011

It is Anthony's birthday, and Ian finds himself in a dangerous situation.


4262. EastEnders: 09/08/2011

Max and Tanya's secret rendezvous is interrupted by a surprise visitor.

Part 2

EastEnders Omnibus: Part 2

Michael carries out his final act of revenge against Ronnie on the day of her sentencing.


EastEnders Omnibus: 03/07/2011

Tyler Moon's surprise arrival in Walford brings chaos to the Vic.

EastEnders Greatest Exits

EastEnders Greatest Exits

From taxi ride to cliff plunge, a look at the best ways characters have departed Walford.


4241. EastEnders: 05/07/2011

Ronnie resolves to deal with Michael when he frames her for the break-in at the Vic.


4244. EastEnders: 08/07/2011

Eddie has to intervene when Jack hunts Michael down to make him pay for his manipulations.

Episode 2

2. Lee Mack's All Star Cast: Episode 2

Lee is joined by Henry Winkler, Shane Richie, Milton Jones and Ulrika Jonsson.


4238. EastEnders: 30/06/2011

A conniving Michael manipulates Jack in order to spend time alone with Ronnie.


4232. EastEnders: 20/06/2011

Tamwar feels the pressure when Afia presents him with an impossible decision.


EastEnders: 12/06/2011

Eddie Moon's arrival in Walford has dramatic consequences for both Michael and Kat.


4227. EastEnders: 10/06/2011

Roxy gets more than she bargained for when she demands that Eddie leave the Square.