Suzanne Packer

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A Pound of Flesh

11. Casualty: Series 26, A Pound of Flesh

A young boy is hurt after being caught in the cross-fire between two warring families.


10. Casualty: Series 26, Sanctuary

Linda is faced with a moral dilemma when she meets a drug-addicted prostitute.

Mea Culpa

9. Casualty: Series 26, Mea Culpa

New ED doctor Sam Nichols arrives at Holby on loan from the army.

Wild Horses

7. Casualty: Series 26, Wild Horses

Jeff and Omar argue, while Linda must choose between breaking the law and saving Annie.

Memory Games

4. Casualty: Series 26, Memory Games

Lloyd puts his life in peril after he refuses to break his moral code to lie to a patient.


1. Casualty: Series 26, Partners

Dixie and Jeff face stiff competition when they are introduced to two gorgeous paramedics.

System Error

45. Casualty: Series 25, System Error

Adam purposely mismanages the treatment of a patient accused of assaulting a young girl.

Episode 3

3. Pointless Celebrities: Series 1, Episode 3

Colin Jackson and Suzanne Packer take part in a special edition of the quiz.

Keep on Running - Part 2

41. Casualty: Series 25, Keep on Running - Part 2

Linda and Tess butt heads, while Jeff is forced to face his guilt over Polly's death.