Tom Wilkinson

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Episode 8

8. The Kennedys: Episode 8

Bobby is irrevocably changed following his brother's assassination.

Episode 7

7. The Kennedys: Episode 7

After losing their baby, the couple are in Dallas to heal tensions in the Democratic Party

Episode 6

6. The Kennedys: Episode 6

The Soviets place nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba and Jack is pressured to attack.

Episode 5

5. The Kennedys: Episode 5

At home and with little to do, for the first time in his life Joe Sr feels useless.

Episode 4

4. The Kennedys: Episode 4

In August 1961 the Russians move troops into Berlin, though their intentions are unclear.

Episode 3

3. The Kennedys: Episode 3

Drawn into the Bay of Pigs crisis, Jack's advisers urge him to go ahead with the invasion.

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton

Thriller. A lawyer is torn between the truth and rescuing a corrupt high-profile client.