Warrick Brownlow-Pike

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Episode 6

6. Mongrels: Series 1, Episode 6

Urban fox Nelson falls for disgusting vixen Sandra at the rubbish dump.

Episode 5

5. Mongrels: Series 1, Episode 5

Nelson's French penfriend Christian arrives for a visit, but brings rabies with him.

Episode 7

7. Mongrels: Series 2, Episode 7

Marion becomes a YouTube sensation after getting his head stuck in a car tyre.

Episode 4

4. Mongrels: Series 2, Episode 4

As Vince's best man, Nelson has to find one nice thing to say about him in his speech.

Episode 3

3. Mongrels: Series 2, Episode 3

Kali struggles to win back her perch from an immigrant. Nelson falls for an older vixen.

Episode 2

2. Mongrels: Series 2, Episode 2

Nelson has a rare chance to woo Destiny and a rickshaw driver runs over Kali's dinner.

Episode 1

1. Mongrels: Series 2, Episode 1

Destiny finds a knock-out strategy to win her dream man - John Terry's dog.

Episode 1

1. Mongrels: Series 1, Episode 1

Destiny joins owner Gary for the canine horror show that is Strictly Dog Dancing.