William Shakespeare

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Off by Heart: Shakespeare

Off by Heart: Shakespeare

Nine teenagers compete to become the BBC Shakespeare Schools Champion.


Countryfile: 10/06/2012

Countryfile visits Warwickshire, and Matt takes on Ellie in a tug of war.



Film version of Rupert Goold's production, set in an undefined central European world.

The Power and the Glory

5. Fry's Planet Word: The Power and the Glory

Stephen Fry celebrates storytelling and its influence on language.

Falmouth to Land's End

Coast: Series 5 Reversions, Falmouth to Land's End

Neil Oliver performs on the stage of a remarkable coastal amphitheatre near Land's End.

Shakespeare Dig Stratford

3. National Treasures: National Treasures Live, Shakespeare Dig Stratford

The team investigate claims that Shakespeare may not have written the classic plays.

In Words

2. Art of the Sea: In Words

Poet Owen Sheers sets off to discover if anything unites the great British sea stories.