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Running on Empty

1. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Running on Empty

Traffic cops armed with 50,000 volt tasers are called in to make a difficult arrest.

Tickets, Credits and Consequences

3. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Tickets, Credits and Consequences

The Bedfordshire traffic cops crack down on motorists breaking the Highway Code.


15. Escape to the Country: Series 13, Bedfordshire

Alistair Appleton goes rural property shopping with a couple buying their first house.

Episode 9

9. To Build or Not to Build: Series 2, Episode 9

A professional builder and his partner create an eco-cottage in Bedfordshire.


83. Country Tracks: Northamptonshire

Ellie Harrison explores Northamptonshire, visiting the home of the county's shoe industry.


Countryfile: 17/07/2011

John Craven discovers how a passion for collecting helped an endangered species of deer.


51. To Buy or Not to Buy: Series 11, Bedfordshire

Ed Hall and Jonny Benarr tackle the property market in Bedfordshire.

James and Mercy

10. Don't Tell the Bride: Series 4, James and Mercy

Has James got any chance of delivering Mercy her perfect day with a Nigerian twist?