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10. Cash in the Attic: Series 17, Warren

Aled Jones visits Carol Warren, who wants to fund a luxury holiday in the sun.


3. Trash to Cash: Series 3, Cryer

The team helps a jet-setting grandmother of two get rid of unwanted clutter.


41. Flog It!: Series 10, Wellington

The team visits Wellington College, where Elizabeth finds a hand painted French casket.


11. Flog It!: Series 10, Wellington

Elizabeth Talbot finds a collection of 17 Beatrix Potter animals.

Hungerford 13

6. Bargain Hunt: Series 29, Hungerford 13

The antiques challenge comes from Hungerford, where Team UK competes against Team USA.

Episode 71

71. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 14, Episode 71

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit homes in Orkney, Berkshire and London.