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24. Flog It!: Series 9, Bristol

In Bristol, the team find a very rare gold coin and a long-hidden necklace.

Episode 4

4. Fake Britain: Series 2, Episode 4

Cracking down on the West Midlands crooks faking parking offences.


5. Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow: Series 2, Bristol

Noel Fielding, Seann Walsh, Mike Gunn and Hal Cruttenden join Michael in Bristol.


Escape to the Country: Series 10, Wiltshire

Denise Nurse is in Wiltshire with buyers who are looking for a party pad.

Bristol Central

69. To Buy or Not to Buy: Series 11, Bristol Central

Jonnie Irwin and Ed Hall hit the property trail in Bristol.

The Boarding School Bomber

The Boarding School Bomber

How an educated, privileged teenager planned a terrorist attack on a shopping centre.


Inside Out West: 07/11/2011

How are the Occupy Bristol campaigners are faring after almost a month?

Bristol on Film

1. On Film: Bristol on Film

Exploring the visual archives that document the history of Bristol.

Episode 9

9. Wreck or Ready?: Episode 9

Jonnie and Jane help a couple who have previously viewed over 50 properties.

Episode 3

3. Filthy Rotten Scoundrels: Series 1, Episode 3

Officers uncover a gang responsible for illegally dumping hundreds of thousands of tyres.