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Bangladesh to Burma

5. Tropic of Cancer: Bangladesh to Burma

Simon goes on a perilous covert journey into Burma, where western journalists are banned.


2. Toughest Place to be a...: Series 3, Ferryman

Woolwich ferryman Colin Window travels to Dhaka, Bangladesh to train as a sampan operator.

Sustaining the City

3. Andrew Marr's Megacities: Sustaining the City

Andrew finds out how megacities stay fed, and joins Mexico City's traffic cops in the air.

Cities on the Edge

2. Andrew Marr's Megacities: Cities on the Edge

Andrew Marr takes a look at safety and security, visiting Tokyo, London and Mexico City.

Living in the City

1. Andrew Marr's Megacities: Living in the City

Andrew Marr looks at how people live in London, Dhaka, Tokyo, Mexico City and Shanghai.