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Episode 13

13. Antiques Road Trip: Series 2, Episode 13

James Lewis gets a great insight into Scotland's curling history.

Scotland 12

17. Bargain Hunt: Series 26, Scotland 12

The Bargain Hunt teams head to the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh.

10th Anniversary Special 1

28. Bargain Hunt: Series 25, 10th Anniversary Special 1

Two teams of Bargain Hunt experts compete at Edinburgh's Ingliston Centre.

Berwick-upon-Tweed to Aberdeen

5. Coast: Series 3, Berwick-upon-Tweed to Aberdeen

The experts visit a marine reserve and report on the state of the Forth Road Bridge.

Episode 2

2. Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: Series 1, Episode 2

Journalists Kirsty Wark and Alastair Stewart travel across Scotland starting in Edinburgh.

Scotland's Property Scandal

10. BBC Scotland Investigates: 2011, Scotland's Property Scandal

Fiona Walker investigates allegations of corruption at Edinburgh City Council.

Episode 2

2. Antiques Road Trip: Series 3, Episode 2

Anita Manning and Mark Stacey travel from Wiston in South Lanarkshire to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh 4

17. Bargain Hunt: Series 29, Edinburgh 4

In Edinburgh, a Greek revival gold bracelet proves decisive between the two teams.

Case Histories - Part 2

2. Case Histories: Series 1, Case Histories - Part 2

While investigating a killing, Jackson helps a mysterious seductress find her niece.

Edinburgh 1

8. Bargain Hunt: Series 29, Edinburgh 1

Tim Wonnacott takes the teams to a gigantic antiques fair in Edinburgh.

Death Defying Acts

Death Defying Acts

A mother and daughter attempt to con Houdini.