Isle of Wight

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The Isle of Wight

3. Britain by Bike: The Isle of Wight

Clare Balding's cycle journey around the Isle of Wight explores its sense of otherness.

Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

18. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

Alice Roberts learns the science behind the hovercraft, as well as how to fly one.


Countryfile: 12/02/2012

Matt and Ellie visit the Isle of Wight, and Adam follows his barley crop to Germany.


42. Flog It!: Series 10, Henley

The team finds an example of Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron's work.


Countryfile: 14/08/2011

John Craven is in Thomas Hardy country, finding out how the South West inspired him.

The Needles: Isle of Wight

16. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, The Needles: Isle of Wight

Nicholas Crane crosses the Solent to England's largest island - the Isle of Wight.


2. Cash in the Attic: Series 17, Walsh

Tim and Zorina Walsh want to raise money for their friend's healthcare mission to Sudan.