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Running on Empty

1. Traffic Cops: Series 9, Running on Empty

Traffic cops armed with 50,000 volt tasers are called in to make a difficult arrest.

My Hometown Fanatics

4. Stacey Dooley Investigates: My Hometown Fanatics

Stacey Dooley finds out why Luton is known as the extremist capital of Britain.

Episode 34

34. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 14, Episode 34

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit properties in Kent, Luton and Plymouth.


Flog It!: Series 6, Luton

In Luton, Anita Manning and Mark Stacey value antiques, and Paul Martin visits a milliner.


20. Cash in the Attic: Series 15, Phillips

Lorne Spicer and the team meet a couple in Luton preparing to sell up and move to Spain.


Flog It!: Series 6, Luton

In Luton, presenter Paul Martin learns more about the Enigma machine and Bletchley Park.