Newcastle upon Tyne

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Episode 9

9. Cowboy Trap: Series 2, Episode 9

Cowboy Trap visits Newcastle to meet a couple who desperately need a shower room.

Episode 2

2. Geordie Finishing School for Girls: Episode 2

How will the girls manage doing manual unglamorous jobs for very little money?

Episode 1

1. Geordie Finishing School for Girls: Episode 1

A group of posh girls leave the Home Counties to experience life on benefits in Newcastle.

Episode 13

13. Wreck or Ready?: Episode 13

Jonnie Irwin and Jane Farnham help a couple with 190,000 pounds find a home in Newcastle.

Today I'm With You

Today I'm With You

Filmmaker Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen takes a photographic journey through Byker Wall Estate.