North Wales

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1. Escape to the Country: Series 12, Wales

In North Wales, Nicki Chapman helps an artistic couple find a home with inspiring views.

Erddig House

5. National Treasures: National Treasures Live, Erddig House

Dan Snow and Sian Williams are at Erddig House in North Wales.

Episode 2

2. Connie's Musical Map of Wales: Episode 2

Connie Fisher creates her own Bollywood epic in Snowdonia and duets with Russell Grant.

Lleyn Peninsula

79. Country Tracks: Lleyn Peninsula

Ellie Harrison goes on a journey along the Lleyn Peninsular in North Wales.

North Wales

Escape to the Country: Series 11, North Wales

Alistair Appleton helps a couple searching for a rustic family life.

Anglesey 14

2. Bargain Hunt: Series 27, Anglesey 14

Tim Wonnacott visits the home of Lord and Lady Anglesey in North Wales.