People's Republic of China

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Land of the Panda

5. Wild China: Land of the Panda

A look at China's heartland, home to the giant panda and the golden snub-nosed monkey.


2. Wild China: Shangri-La

The rich jungles that nestle within China's rugged south west reaches are revealed.

Beyond the Great Wall

4. Wild China: Beyond the Great Wall

Examining the extreme landscapes in northern China, where life is always on the edge.

Heart of the Dragon

1. Wild China: Heart of the Dragon

A look at the fairytale landscapes, strange creatures and people of south China.

Episode 2

2. The Town Taking on China: Episode 2

Tony makes a decision about whether to move jobs back to Britain permanently.

Feathered Dragons

2. Planet Dinosaur: Original Series, Feathered Dragons

A look at some extraordinary feathered dinosaurs which have only just been discovered.

Mother and Son

4. Storyville: Law of the Dragon, Mother and Son

The judge listens to complaints of a mother who is suing her son for maintenance.

Ai Weiwei - Without Fear or Favour

1. imagine...: Autumn 2010, Ai Weiwei - Without Fear or Favour

Alan Yentob explores the story of Ai Weiwei's fight for artistic freedom of expression.