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46. Flog It!: Series 10, Preston

The team visits Preston, where James is shockingly cheeky about some Clarice Cliff.

Episode 6

6. Food Fighters: Series 2, Episode 6

At Gatwick Airport, Simon meets the canine food fighter detecting banned goods.

Nick and Laura Tipper

6. Britain's Empty Homes: Series 2, Nick and Laura Tipper

Jules Hudson helps two aerospace engineers who are on the hunt for a wreck of a house.

Episode 10

10. Filthy Rotten Scoundrels: Series 1, Episode 10

In Preston, Lancashire, 100 officers storm an illegal car scrapping site.

Episode 51

51. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 13, Episode 51

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander view properties in Preston, Wiltshire and Staffordshire.