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6. Wanted Down Under Revisited: Series 3, Cummings

Nicki Chapman catches up with the Cummings family, who sampled life in New Plymouth.

Timothy Pont's Map of Scotland

2. Map Man: Series 2, Timothy Pont's Map of Scotland

Nicholas Crane looks at how Timothy Pont set off to survey Scotland in 1583.

Project Scotland

5. A History of Scotland: Series 2, Project Scotland

Neil Oliver looks at 20th-century Scotland.

The Price of Progress

3. A History of Scotland: Series 2, The Price of Progress

How in the 18th century Scotland was transformed into one of the richest nations on Earth.

Let's Pretend

2. A History of Scotland: Series 2, Let's Pretend

The story of how Scotland and England came together in 1707 to form Great Britain.

God's Chosen People

1. A History of Scotland: Series 2, God's Chosen People

The story of the National Covenant of 1638 - a document that led to the Civil War.

Bishop Makes King

3. A History of Scotland: Series 1, Bishop Makes King

Neil Oliver explores the role the church played in promoting the cause of Robert Bruce.

Language is Power

4. A History of Scotland: Series 1, Language is Power

Neil Oliver reveals the story behind the infamous Highland/Lowland divide.

Scotland 11

Bargain Hunt: Series 22, Scotland 11

Bargain Hunt visits Scotland as two pairs of teams scoop up some brilliant bargains.

Western Isles and Shetland

4. Coast: Series 6, Western Isles and Shetland

Coast journeys around the stunning Western Isles and to the northern outpost of Shetland.

Hammers of the Scots

2. A History of Scotland: Series 1, Hammers of the Scots

Neil Oliver charts the story of the two men who helped transform Alba into Scotland.


Countryfile: 23/09/2012

In Lochaber, Matt Baker goes on the greatest railway journey in the world.

Furness Peninsula

Countryfile: Furness Peninsula

A unique insight into how the Furness Peninsula has been shaped by nature and man.


The One Show: 06/09/2012

Actor Martin Shaw talks about the new series of Inspector George Gently.


The One Show: 05/09/2012

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson joins Matt Baker and Alex Jones.


3. A Year in the Wild: Cairngorms

A portrait of the beauty and surprising wildlife of Scotland's Cairngorms National Park.

Munro: Mountain Man

Munro: Mountain Man

The life of adventurer Hugh Munro, who climbed and listed the high peaks of Scotland.


94. Country Tracks: Islay

Joe Crowley travels west from the mainland of Scotland to the Isle of Islay.


Countryfile: 30/10/2011

Adam Henson and Ellie Harrison discover the rugged beauty of Northumberland.


Countryfile: 18/09/2011

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison head to Scotland to explore Loch Etive.

Scotch Mist

4. Timothy Spall: Back at Sea: Scotch Mist

Timothy and Shane encounter several Scottish ports and islands in the misty drizzle.

Highlands on Film

3. On Film: Highlands on Film

Newsreel archive creates a portrait of the Scottish Highlands region and its people.

Episode 2

2. Travellers: Episode 2

Traveller Donald Stewart tries to defend his family from an alleged racist attack.

Episode 1

1. Travellers: Episode 1

The Stewarts are Scottish Travellers, proudly maintaining their traditional lifestyle.

Episode 14

14. Wreck or Ready?: Episode 14

Jonnie Irwin and Jane Farnham help a couple with 365,000 pounds find a home in Scotland.

Scottish Borders

Escape to the Country: Series 11, Scottish Borders

Alistair Appleton dons a kilt as he goes property-hunting in the Scottish Borders.

Episode 76

76. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 14, Episode 76

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit homes in Cornwall, Dorset and Scotland.

Scottish Borders

Escape to the Country: Series 10, Scottish Borders

Wildfowl enthusiasts insist their dream home must have at least five naturally fed ponds.

Episode 5

5. Transatlantic Sessions: Series 4, Episode 5

Highlights include the classic Carrickfergus sung by American star Alison Moorer.


27. The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain: Aberdeenshire

In Aberdeenshire Si and Dave mill oats and pick up some prime cuts of Aberdeen Angus.

Rory Bremner and the Fighting Scots

Rory Bremner and the Fighting Scots

Rory Bremner asks if the Scottish soldier's loyalty to Queen and country is running out?

George Mackay Brown

3. A Poet's Guide to Britain: George Mackay Brown

Owen Sheers visits the Orkneys to explore George Mackay Brown's poem Hamnavoe.

Shetland Tsunami

Coast: Shorts, Shetland Tsunami

Nicholas Crane discovers evidence of a giant tsunami that reshaped the Shetland coast.