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6. Hands on Nature: 10 Minute Cutdowns, Skomer

Chris Packham gets close to puffins on the island of Skomer.

Gower to Anglesey

4. Coast: Series 5, Gower to Anglesey

Visiting the island of Skomer, Harlech Castle, Porth Oer and Gower Peninsula.

Episode 7

7. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 7

Iolo Williams takes to the water to reveal puffins at their best - diving for fish.

Episode 8

8. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 8

Martin Hughes-Games reports on some of your surprising wildlife stories.

Episode 6

6. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 6

Iolo Williams reveals the strange night-time goings-on of the Manx shearwater.

Episode 5

5. Springwatch: 2011, Episode 5

On Skomer Island, Iolo Williams unveils the newest stars of the series - puffins.

Episode 4

4. Hidden Histories: Series 3, Episode 4

A look at the decommissioning of the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.