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Escape to the Country: Series 11, Sussex

Aled Jones helps a newly-married couple with a million pounds find a house in Sussex.


Countryfile: 23/10/2011

Matt and Ellie learn how the picturesque village of Slindon in Sussex is being kept alive.

Sarah and Simon Wright

3. Britain's Empty Homes: Series 2, Sarah and Simon Wright

Jules Hudson helps a Sussex couple who want to find a character cottage in a village.

Episode 11

11. Wreck or Ready?: Episode 11

Jonnie Irwin and Jane Farnham help a couple with 650,000 pounds find a home in Sussex.


Escape to the Country: Series 11, Sussex

Denise Nurse helps a family swap city living for a life in rural Sussex.


23. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Stewart/Mansfield

Lady Teviot probes into the case of India-born Joan Mansfield, who died far away in Canada