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59. Flog It!: Series 9, Todmorden

The team find various items in Todmorden Town Hall and Paul Martin visits Gawthorpe Hall.

Doncaster and Rochdale

Flog It!: Series 6, Doncaster and Rochdale

Rochdale and Doncaster go head-to-head to find the best antiques to sell at auction.

Episode 21

21. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 14, Episode 21

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander view properties in Wiltshire, Kent and Yorkshire.

Furness Peninsula

Countryfile: Furness Peninsula

A unique insight into how the Furness Peninsula has been shaped by nature and man.


2. The Great British Countryside: Yorkshire

Hugh Dennis and Julia Bradbury visit Britain's biggest county, Yorkshire.

A Rescue Remedy

2. The Big Bread Experiment: A Rescue Remedy

Renovation continues apace at the mill until a setback throws everything into disarray.

Episode 79

79. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 15, Episode 79

Featuring a bungalow in Wiltshire, a flat in Balham, and an end of terrace in Yorkshire.


2. Escape to the Country: Series 12, Yorkshire

Property show for potential buyers who want to relocate to a rural area.


Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire: 07/11/2011

Following six-year-old Jack Marshall's fight against brain cancer.

Episode 7

7. To Build or Not to Build: Series 2, Episode 7

A lorry driver and his wife face a difficult road self-building a new home.

3. Britain's Hidden Heritage: Series 1, Boughton House

Presenter Paul Martin and his team visit Boughton House in Northamptonshire.

Episode 5

5. Food Fighters: Series 2, Episode 5

A look at the humble egg's journey from the farm to the food factories.


4. One Man and His Campervan: Yorkshire

In the Yorkshire Dales, Martin Dorey finds a rather surprising bird that lays giant eggs.

Episode 2

2. Helicopter Heroes: Series 4, Episode 2

Snow puts the skids under Yorkshire, and the team is called to a freak sledging accident.


14. Cash in the Attic: Series 15, Taylor

Yvonne Taylor and her nephew Liam hope to unearth enough valuables to pay for a day out.