17th century

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Age of Revolution

4. Seven Ages of Britain: Age of Revolution

In the 17th century British people learned to question everything, resulting in civil war.



Bankrupt young playwright Moliere is employed in secret by a foolish aristocrat.

Restoration to Revolution

3. Plandáil: Restoration to Revolution

Neil Martin discovers the reasons for the long-term success of King James I's plantation.

Industrial Conversions

1. Escape to the Country: Compilations, Industrial Conversions

A look at properties including a converted flour mill and a 17th-century weavers' cottage.

3. Britain's Hidden Heritage: Series 1, Boughton House

Presenter Paul Martin and his team visit Boughton House in Northamptonshire.

Talhenbont Hall

4. Hidden Houses of Wales: Series 2, Talhenbont Hall

Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen visits Plas Talhenbont on the Lleyn Peninsula.


2. The Country House Revealed: Kinross

Dan Cruickshank explores the stunning late 17th century property, Kinross House.