19th century

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1. Ian Hislop's Stiff Upper Lip - An Emotional History of Britain: Emergence

Charting how the stiff upper lip emerged in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Cutty Sark: National Treasure Reopened

Cutty Sark: National Treasure Reopened

The dramatic story of the conservation of the Cutty Sark, the world-famous clipper ship.

Episode 8

8. Victorian Pharmacy: Series 1 (30 minutes), Episode 8

Tom branches out into dentistry. And photography starts to become a popular hobby.

HMS Warrior

2. National Treasures: National Treasures Live, HMS Warrior

Dan Snow and Sian Williams experience what life was like on board a 19th century warship.


2. Hidden Paintings: London

A look at the paintings of the sailors, slaves and scholars who helped shape modern London


2. Fake or Fortune?: Series 1, Homer

A painting found near a rubbish tip turns out to be a lost work by Winslow Homer.

Smuigleiri Leabhar

Smuigleiri Leabhar

An Irish poet and a Lithuanian director explore the links between language and identity.

Episode 4

4. Victorian Pharmacy: Series 1 (30 minutes), Episode 4

The team investigate how the discovery of germs made disinfectants a best-seller.

Episode 2

2. Victorian Pharmacy: Series 1 (30 minutes), Episode 2

The team try out some Victorian remedies on volunteers, including the bronchial kettle.

Episode 1

1. Victorian Pharmacy: Series 1 (30 minutes), Episode 1

The team discover the world of pharmacy in 1837, the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign.

Episode 17

17. Antiques Road Trip: Series 2, Episode 17

James Braxton gets to see a collection of rare mineral sculptures made by miners.

Batley to Sheffield

14. Great British Railway Journeys: Series 2, Batley to Sheffield

Michael Portillo finds out about shoddy, a successful 19th-century recycling industry.

The Sporting Life

2. Grand Tours of Scotland: Series 1, The Sporting Life

Paul Murton travels from Dunkeld via the Tay river to Balmoral on an 1870s tricycle.