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2. Africa: Savannah

David Attenborough looks at the unique and constantly changing landscape of East Africa.


1. Africa: Kalahari

David Attenborough explores the wildlife of two deserts in Africa's south west corner.

The Great Land Rush

7. Why Poverty?: The Great Land Rush

How rich, land-hungry nations are leasing Mali's land to create agri-business farms.


3. Africa: Congo

In the Congo, animals stand up and fight for their patch and head off stiff competition.


1. Andrew Marr's History of the World: Original Series, Survival

How the earliest humans spread around the world, adapting and surviving against the odds.

Adventures in the Americas

3. The Thirties in Colour: Adventures in the Americas

Harry Wright's colour films of the indigenous peoples of Africa and Central America.


2. Toughest Place to be a...: Series 2, Fisherman

Cornish fisherman Andy Giles tries fishing from a canoe on the coast of Sierra Leone.


3. Toughest Place to be a...: Series 1, Midwife

A midwife abandons a maternity unit in Sutton Coldfield to work in Monrovia.