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Christmas Special

Wartime Farm: Christmas Special

Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn return to Manor Farm to recreate the Christmas 1944.

The Great Land Rush

7. Why Poverty?: The Great Land Rush

How rich, land-hungry nations are leasing Mali's land to create agri-business farms.


1. Andrew Marr's History of the World: Original Series, Survival

How the earliest humans spread around the world, adapting and surviving against the odds.


Countryfile: 27/11/2011

John Craven and Ellie Harrison explore the wild, natural beauty of the Antrim coast.


Countryfile: 13/11/2011

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison enjoy the contrasting landscapes of the Derwent Valley.

Episode 3

3. Victorian Farm Christmas: Episode 3

Ruth Goodman and food historian Ivan Day try their hand at making a Christmas pudding.

Episode 1

1. Victorian Farm Christmas: Episode 1

In Shropshire there's harvesting to be done before Christmas, and mince pies to be made.

Who Killed the Honey Bee?

Who Killed the Honey Bee?

How an affliction is wiping out bees worldwide, which may affect global food production.