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4. John Bishop's Britain: Series 2, Animals

John Bishop presents the comedy show, with guests Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

Episode 2

2. Animal 24:7: Series 7, Episode 2

Clio the dog undergoes life-saving surgery to remove an old toy from her stomach.

Episode 4

4. Animal 24:7: Series 7, Episode 4

The story of Rocky, a starving dog facing a real fight to survive.

H Animals

5. QI: Series H, H Animals

Stephen Fry asks unanswerable questions about animals which begin with the letter H.

Caledonian Canal

18. Country Tracks: Caledonian Canal

Joe Crowley travels the length of the Caledonian Canal and dolphin-spots in the North Sea.

Episode 5

5. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 5

Presenter Tom Heap is on the frontline against smuggling with Cleo the customs canine.

Challenges of Life

1. Life: Challenges of Life

A look at how some animals and plants go to extremes to give themselves a chance to breed.


3. Wild: Watching the Wild, Otters

Cameraman Charlie Hamilton James hunts for otters on the Isle of Skye.