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Age of Ambition

7. Seven Ages of Britain: Age of Ambition

A look at how the 20th century saw Britons upturning class hierarchies.

Episode 5

5. Top Gear: Series 14, Episode 5

The team attempts to prove that cars can be art and Jeremy test-drives the Noble M600.

Episode 5

Artists on Film: Scenes from Working Lives: Episode 5

A focus on abstract artists, including William Hayter and Patrick Heron.

Colouring Light: Brian Clarke - An Artist Apart

Colouring Light: Brian Clarke - An Artist Apart

Profile of painter Brian Clarke, one of the world's greatest stained glass artists.

Episode 2

2. Baroque! - From St Peter's to St Paul's: Episode 2

Waldemar Januszczak focuses on the route of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition: A Culture Show Special

28. The Culture Show: 2011/2012, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition: A Culture Show Special

Alastair Sooke goes behind-the-scenes of the Royal Academy's 244th Summer Exhibition.

The Billion Dollar Art Heist

7. Storyville: 2011-2012, The Billion Dollar Art Heist

Film about the struggle for control of a private art collection valued at more than $25bn.

Looking for Paradise

1. Art of America: Looking for Paradise

Andrew Graham-Dixon looks at portraits of the Puritan settlers in Massachusetts.

The Lost Genius of British Art: William Dobson

The Lost Genius of British Art: William Dobson

Documentary about the 17th-century artist William Dobson, court painter to Charles I.

Warts and All - Portrait of a Prince

1. Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency: Warts and All - Portrait of a Prince

How the Prince Regent was obsessed with opulence, ceremonial bling and great architecture.

Final Flourish

4. The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution: Final Flourish

Waldemar Januszczak takes a closer look at the last years of Impressionism.

Eisteddfod with Wynne Evans

Eisteddfod with Wynne Evans

Welsh tenor Wynne Evans with his take on the annual celebration of Welsh arts and culture.

In Search of England

2. British Masters: In Search of England

James Fox examines British art in the interwar years.


4. Fake or Fortune?: Series 1, Rembrandt

A picture up for auction is suspected of being stolen. Could it really be a Rembrandt?

We Are Making a New World

1. British Masters: We Are Making a New World

How a group of radical painters pioneered a style to make sense of the modern experience.

Peter Blake

Mark Lawson Talks To...: Peter Blake

Mark Lawson talks to the artist Sir Peter Blake about his life and 60-year career.


3. Hidden Paintings: West

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen uncovers the story behind artist David Inshaw's The Badminton Game

South East

6. Hidden Paintings: South East

Kathryn Rayward uncovers the hidden art of the Bloomsbury Set in Sussex.

North West

1. Hidden Paintings: North West

Paul McGann visits Liverpool and Manchester to uncover the North West's World War II art.

East Midlands

4. Hidden Paintings: East Midlands

Dan Snow retraces the career of Nottingham-born artist Arthur Spooner.


5. Hidden Paintings: East

Paintings reveal the extraordinary story of Frederick Duleep Singh.


1. Fake or Fortune?: Series 1, Monet

Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould investigate what they believe is an unknown piece by Monet.

Graham Sutherland

4. Rolf on Welsh Art: Series 1, Graham Sutherland

Rolf explores the life of Graham Sutherland, who was passionate about Pembrokeshire.

Episode 2

2. Framing Wales: Episode 2

Kim Howells continues his journey through Welsh art with a look at the inter-war years.

Shani Rhys James

3. Rolf on Welsh Art: Series 1, Shani Rhys James

Rolf meets Shani Rhys James whose vivid style is influenced by her family history.

Episode 1

1. Framing Wales: Episode 1

Kim Howells explores the dramatic story of Welsh art in the 20th century.

Roads to Revolution

2. The Art of Russia: Roads to Revolution

How Russian art was affected by the change from a feudal nation to a hotbed of revolution.

Sitting For Lucian Freud

2. imagine...: Summer 2004, Sitting For Lucian Freud

An intimate look at one of Britain's greatest painters, Lucian Freud.