Burghley House

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Episode 3

3. Restoration Roadshow: Episode 3

Pottery fanatic Roger Hawkins loses his heart to a 300-year-old Bellamine jug.

Episode 13

13. Restoration Roadshow: Episode 13

The items featured in this edition include a 17th-century portrait and a Victorian cot.

Episode 15

15. Restoration Roadshow: Episode 15

Rod Titian revives a 17th century tortoiseshell snuff box that hides a remarkable secret.

South Lincolnshire

88. Country Tracks: South Lincolnshire

Presenter Joe Crowley takes a journey through south Lincolnshire.


11. Royal Upstairs Downstairs: Burghley

Tim Wonnacott and Rosemary Shrager are at Burghley House in Lincolnshire.

Burghley House

6. Climbing Great Buildings: Burghley House

The next step in Jonathan's journey takes him to Burghley House in Lincolnshire.


21. Flog It!: Series 9, Burghley

The team values some gold watches and rings, and an unusual cavalry officer's sword.