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60. Cash in the Attic: Series 15, Jailler

June Jailler wants to raise funds for the hospice that cared for her husband.

Episode 15

15. Fake Britain: Series 3, Episode 15

The fake cancer-curing machine used to con money out of people in their hour of need.


Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire: 07/11/2011

Following six-year-old Jack Marshall's fight against brain cancer.

Episode 1

1. Bang Goes the Theory: Series 5, Episode 1

Jem makes his own diamond and then proves they aren't forever.

Alex: A Life Fast Forward

Alex: A Life Fast Forward

Alex has cancer, and may not have long to live. He wants to cram in as much life as he can

Josie: My Cancer Curse

Josie: My Cancer Curse

Should 18-year-old Josie try to find out if she carries a cancer gene?

Is Oral Sex Safe?

Is Oral Sex Safe?

Lifting the lid on oropharyngeal mouth cancer and the dangers that lurk behind oral sex.


5. Saints and Scroungers: Series 2, O'Driscoll/Hardwick

The net closes in on a fantasist who swindled the state out of over 40,000 pounds.