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The Secret Life of Beaches

6. Coast: Series 7, The Hidden History of Harbours

An archaeological dig at Dunluce Castle reveals what has been dubbed the 'Irish Pompeii'.

Mourne Mountains

Off the Beaten Track: Series 1 Shorts (10 minutes), 06/03/2010

Darryl Grimason explores some of the most stunning walks around Northern Ireland.

North Devon and Somerset Coasts

17. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, North Devon and Somerset Coasts

Neil Oliver is introduced to the joys of Victorian-style sea bathing in Ilfracombe.

Aberystwyth to the Wirral

4. Coast: Series 1, Aberystwyth to the Wirral

This programme covers the Welsh coast, from Cardigan Bay to the Dee.

Western Isles and Shetland

4. Coast: Series 6, Western Isles and Shetland

Coast journeys around the stunning Western Isles and to the northern outpost of Shetland.

Holy Island

Coast: Shorts, Holy Island

Mark Horton relives the first Viking raid on our shores in 793 AD.


The One Show: 04/09/2012

Features a Puffin colony, Loch Fyne, oyster culling and a lucky find on a Dorset beach.

Norwegian Energy

11. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Norwegian Energy

Alice Roberts visits a plant that supplies a fifth of Britain's gas requirements.

Channel Islands and Dover Straits

90. Coast: Shorts, Channel Islands and Dover Straits

Neil Oliver is in the Channel Islands and kayaks over to Les Ecrehous.

Scotch Mist

4. Timothy Spall: Back at Sea: Scotch Mist

Timothy and Shane encounter several Scottish ports and islands in the misty drizzle.

Lowestoft Pier

Coast: Series 3 Reversions, Lowestoft Pier

Mark Horton investigates the current perilous state of our seaside piers.


15. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Glensanda

Neil Oliver visits Glensanda, the site of Europe's biggest super-quarry.

Old Head of Kinsale to Ardmore

1. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Old Head of Kinsale to Ardmore

A journey following the southern shoreline of Ireland.

Shetland Tsunami

Coast: Shorts, Shetland Tsunami

Nicholas Crane discovers evidence of a giant tsunami that reshaped the Shetland coast.

Isle of Man

70. Coast: Shorts, Isle of Man

Miranda Krestovnikoff searches for the biggest sharks in British waters.

Galway Beans

69. Coast: Shorts, Galway Beans

Neil Oliver discovers how flotsam inspired Columbus's accidental discovery of America.

Black Fort of Aran

71. Coast: Shorts, Black Fort of Aran

Neil Oliver visits a prehistoric fort on the island of Aran.