Cruelty to animals

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Episode 12

12. Animal 24:7: Series 7, Episode 12

Inspector Chris Shaw leads a difficult operation to rescue 13 dogs from a filthy house.

Episode 11

11. Animal 24:7: Series 7, Episode 11

Tom Heap joins the dangerous dog patrol as an aggressive pit bull is seized by police.


Inside Out South: 07/11/2011

The programme meets squatters and those who have been affected by them.

Episode 6

6. Animal 24:7: Series 6, Episode 6

The RSPCA investigates a shocking case of animal cruelty and a cygnet fights to survive.

Episode 1

1. Animal 24:7: Reversions, Episode 1

RSPCA Inspector Chris Shaw makes a grisly discovery in a house of horrors.