Culture of China

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Entertainment and Celebrations

Real Chinese: Entertainment and Celebrations

A look at Chinese New Year - the way it is celebrated on TV and out on the streets.

Home and Family

Real Chinese: Home and Family

Young people in Beijing and their views on marriage, meeting people and introductions.

Drinking and Socialising

Real Chinese: Drinking and Socialising

Beijing's burgeoning tea-house, bar and café scene, and ordering drinks Chinese style.

Food and Restaurants

Real Chinese: Food and Restaurants

A taste of the huge range of food on offer in Beijing and tips on how to order.

Education and Jobs

Real Chinese: Education and Jobs

A look at life on the university campus and in Beijing's booming business world.

Leisure and Sport

Real Chinese: Leisure and Sport

Favourite leisure pursuits in China, from martial arts to walking the Great Wall.

Being Chinese, Speaking Chinese

Real Chinese: Being Chinese, Speaking Chinese

A look at how children in China learn their language, plus greeting people in Mandarin.

Buying and Selling

Real Chinese: Buying and Selling

A look at Beijing's addiction to shopping, from designer fashion to herbal medicine.