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Discount Buying

6. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Discount Buying

The teams are given just ten hours to find ten items for ten waxworks.


5. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Deodorant

Lord Sugar sets the candidates the task of developing a new brand of deodorant.

The Over 50s Market

4. Young Apprentice: Series 2, The Over 50s Market

Lord Sugar sets the candidates the task of selling to the over fifties market.

Floristry Business

3. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Floristry Business

Lord Sugar wants his remaining candidates to set up two rivalry floristry businesses.

Episode 4

4. Up for Hire Live: Episode 4

There is a look at starting a business, while the four recruits become CEOs.

The Business Plan

4. Dragons' Den: How to Win in the Den: The Business Plan

The Dragons revisit an antique valuation website and a firm selling caravan sleeping bags.

Episode 3

3. Dragons' Den: Series 9, Episode 3

The Dragons hear pitches from family businesses, including a fancy dress venture.

Episode 2

2. Dragons' Den: Series 9, Episode 2

The Dragons hear pitches including canine shades and a comfy caravan product.

Episode 1

1. Dragons' Den: Series 9, Episode 1

The pitches include a mind coaching massage service and an unusual use for a plastic egg.