Estate (law)

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12. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Palmer/Banting

A vicar believes he's entitled to be buried in a family grave in Kensal Green Cemetery.


13. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Smith-Kiff/Sherry

John Kiff died in Littlehampton in 2008, but had also lived under the name of John Smith.


23. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Hudson/Jackson

The hunt is on for heirs of Red Cross nurse and hairdresser Ivy Hudson.


7. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Boilard/Reminnij

A case takes Fraser and Fraser across the globe, starting with India.


20. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Greatrex/Gaweda

The team investigates the case of Douglas Greatrex, who died in August 2009.


18. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Perkins/Routledge

The team investigates the case of Joyce Logan, who died aged 87 in February 2008.


19. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Smith/Wise

The team investigates the case of Harold Herbert Smith, who left £400,000.


16. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Adams/Young

The team behind Fraser and Fraser investigates the case of Kenneth Adams from Birmingham.


17. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Ring/Moore

The team investigate the case of Jean Ring from Seahouses, Northumberland.


15. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Mooney/Sonntag

Margaret Mooney died in London in July 2009, leaving a fortune in excess of £200,000.


14. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Hollins/Ashby

The heir hunters try to track down any living relatives of Peter Hollins, who died in 2009


9. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Murdoch/LV

Fraser and Fraser unravel a story of murder, intrigue and war.


10. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Porter/Hunt

Fraser and Fraser uncover a mystery they must solve if they are to make any headway.


8. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Climpson/Morgan

Company partner Neil Fraser decides to throw all his resources at a £200,000 case.


6. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Hodgson/McHugh

Will travelling heir hunter Dave Mansell be able to help Fraser and Fraser?


1. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Emms/Garner

The heir hunters have their patience tested over an estate worth eighty thousand pounds.


3. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Willerton/Edwards

The team hunt for relatives of a widowed spiritualist from Leicester who died aged 86.


4. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Reynolds/Darling

The team have their work cut out for them over a former boiler man.


2. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Walker/Curtis

The heir hunters team reveal a sorry tale of good intentions gone horribly wrong.


5. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Cashmore/Maynard

Heir hunter Paul Matthews faces a major league heir hunt.


24. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Toms/Loraine

Fraser and Fraser investigate a bingo hall manager, discovering stepchildren and adultery.


25. Heir Hunters: Series 3, McGarry/Sharpe

Celtic Research examines the case of Peter Sharpe, whose brother is unaware of his death.


23. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Stewart/Mansfield

Lady Teviot probes into the case of India-born Joan Mansfield, who died far away in Canada


1. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Fernandez/Cobb

A mystery leads the team from Kentish town to the streets of Jamalpur in India.


10. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Curtis/Knight

The team investigates the cases of Pearl Knight and Cyril Curtis.