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Are We Still Evolving?

14. Horizon: 2010-2011, Are We Still Evolving?

Dr Alice Roberts follows a trail of clues to discover if we are still evolving.

Deep Earth

1. How Earth Made Us: Deep Earth

How the forces of the deep Earth played a role in the development of human civilisation.


2. David Attenborough's First Life: Conquest

In Canada's Rocky Mountains, fossils document an explosion in animal diversity.


1. David Attenborough's First Life: Arrival

Sir David Attenborough's journey begins in a forest near his childhood home in Leicester.

Episode 2

2. Bang Goes the Theory: Series 5, Episode 2

Liz hits the beach with the RNLI to experience the power of rip currents.

The Secret Life of Chaos

The Secret Life of Chaos

How chaos theory can answer the question of where intelligent life originated from.


Class Clips: Darwin

A selection of clips taken from BBC programmes about Darwin and evolutionary biology.

What Darwin Didn't Know

What Darwin Didn't Know

The story of evolution theory over the past 150 years and how it may develop in future.