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Flowers and Herbs

5. The Edible Garden: Flowers and Herbs

Alys shows how flowers and herbs bring the garden and kitchen to life.

Juicy Fruits

4. The Edible Garden: Juicy Fruits

Alys grows some juicy fruits and makes jams, tangy fruit leathers and apple rings.

Roots and Leafy Greens

3. The Edible Garden: Roots and Leafy Greens

Alys Fowler shows how root crops and leafy greens are the mainstays of an edible garden.


2. The Edible Garden: Salads

Alys Fowler weaves salad crops through the flower borders of her small urban back garden.

The South

3. Monty Don's Italian Gardens: The South

Monty Don visits some of the most sublime, romantic retreats in southern Italy.


2. Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein: Original Series, Spring

There is great change in the garden, as the remnants of winter make way for the spring.


1. Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein: Original Series, Winter

It's winter and there is much to do - cutting back, preparing the soil and garlic planting

The One Show Roadshow

The One Show: The One Show Roadshow

Matt and Alex are live in Sheffield's Endcliffe Park with guests, games and chat.

Episode 18

18. Gardeners' World: 2012, Episode 18

Monty Don has some tips for a healthy pond. Carol Klein takes on slugs and snails.


The One Show: 05/07/2012

Ed Byrne joins Matt Baker and Alex Jones in the studio.

Episode 12

12. The Beechgrove Garden: 2012, Episode 12

Jim starts off a range of bush tomatoes to put a big T in his BLT!

Episode 24

24. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 24

The Beechgrove team are on the road to Spey Bay to build a garden full of wildlife themes.

Episode 23

23. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 23

Jim works on the main lawn to help it cope with erratic weather conditions.

South Lincolnshire

88. Country Tracks: South Lincolnshire

Presenter Joe Crowley takes a journey through south Lincolnshire.

Episode 22

22. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 22

Jim reviews his potager veggies and Carole shows how to take cutting for easy propogation.

Episode 21

21. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 21

Carole harvests her trial broad beans, and Lesley learns how her hardy annuals have fared.

Episode 20

20. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 20

Jim reviews varieties of dahlias and garvineas. Carole and Lesley trial some dangly plants

Episode 18

18. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 18

Jim, Carole and Lesley each take a favourite area of the garden to showcase.

Episode 17

17. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 17

Monty Don prunes deciduous hedges and Carol Klein visits a garden with a difference.

Episode 19

19. The Beechgrove Garden: 2011, Episode 19

The team help out at the development of a new community garden in Maryhill, in Glasgow.

Episode 15

15. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 15

Monty Don revels in the sweet peas he grew from seed earlier in the year.

Episode 1

1. RHS Show Tatton Park: 2011, Episode 1

Award winning designer Andy Sturgeon joins Monty Don to review the show gardens.

Episode 14

14. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 14

Monty Don shows which plants to choose for sensational borders right through the summer.

Episode 2

2. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show: 2011, Episode 2

Rachel de Thame visits the Festival of Roses inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Episode 1

1. Hampton Court Palace Flower Show: 2011, Episode 1

In a sneak preview of the show, Monty looks at this year's giant edible garden.

Episode 6

6. Get Up and Grow: Series 2, Episode 6

A Dromore family are helped to create a dual-purpose garden - to grow veg and socialise in

Episode 13

13. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 13

The team view spectacular show gardens and take part in a plant bring and buy.

Episode 11

11. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 11

Monty Don shows how to make stakes that can be used for many years to come.

Episode 10

10. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 10

Monty Don prepares to surround the courtyard garden with scented summer pots.

Episode 8

8. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 8

Monty Don recommends plants which thrive in dry soil, and demonstrates his 'damp garden'.

The Veneto, Lucca and The Lakes

4. Monty Don's Italian Gardens: The Veneto, Lucca and The Lakes

Monty Don concludes his garden tour of Italy in the wealthy north.

Episode 6

6. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 6

As spring gets well underway, Monty Don adds to his collection of fritillaries.

Episode 5

5. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 5

Monty Don prepares for the summer by sowing hardy annual seed directly into the soil.

Episode 4

4. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 4

Carol Klein visits the camellia collection at Mount Edgcumbe in Cornwall.

Episode 3

3. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 3

Monty Don sows sweet peas and recommends what to plant for summer colour in the garden.

Episode 1

1. Gardeners' World: 2011, Episode 1

Monty Don, Carol Klein, Joe Swift and Rachel de Thame prepare for spring.