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5. Escape to the Country: Series 12, Dorset

Jules Hudson goes on a £650,000 house hunt in Dorset and searches for fossils.


3. Escape to the Country: Series 12, Hampshire

Alistair Appleton meets a couple with £1.5 million to spend on a Hampshire home.


Escape to the Country: Series 11, Nottinghamshire

Nicki Chapman takes lessons from a master bowyer in Sherwood Forest.


1. Trash to Cash: Series 3, Gough

A self-confessed hoarder hopes to make some money so she can redecorate her house.


2. Escape to the Country: Series 12, Yorkshire

Property show for potential buyers who want to relocate to a rural area.


2. Escape to the Country: Compilations, Mystery

Jules Hudson takes a look at the best mystery house properties featured in past series.

Episode 1

1. To Build or Not to Build: Series 2, Episode 1

One couple builds a Georgian-style home on an old beer garden in Barnet.

Talhenbont Hall

4. Hidden Houses of Wales: Series 2, Talhenbont Hall

Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen visits Plas Talhenbont on the Lleyn Peninsula.

Episode 14

14. Wreck or Ready?: Episode 14

Jonnie Irwin and Jane Farnham help a couple with 365,000 pounds find a home in Scotland.

Episode 10

10. Wreck or Ready?: Episode 10

Jonnie and Jane help a couple with 230,000 pounds to spend on a home in south-west Wales.

Episode 26

26. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 14, Episode 26

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander view properties in Blackburn, Derby and Kent.