Illegal drug trade

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America's Stoned Kids

This World: America's Stoned Kids

John Marsden investigates how legalisation may change teenage drug use in Colorado.

Episode 8

8. Neighbourhood Blues: Series 2, Episode 8

A tenant vanishes, leaving her possessions - and a trail of blood - behind.



A middle-class boy puts his life in danger when he tries to do a deal with a drug addict.

Episode 2

2. Spiral: Series 2: Gangs of Paris, Episode 2

Judge Roban uses his usual cunning in investigating a strange rape allegation.


1. Toughest Place to be a...: Series 1, Paramedic

A paramedic from Cardiff spends two weeks in Guatemala City.

The Housewarming

8. Ideal: Series 6, The Housewarming

While Nicki throws a monster fancy dress party, Tilly hosts a pretentious soiree upstairs.

The Ear

7. Ideal: Series 6, The Ear

Finding themselves with a body to dispose of, Moz and Psycho Paul call on Doctor Persil.

The Accident

6. Ideal: Series 6, The Accident

Moz asks Cartoon Head's gang for help when Keith and Carol are kidnapped by the Low triad.

The Lapse

5. Ideal: Series 6, The Lapse

Moz finds himself falling for the charms of his ex-girlfriend Nicki and neighbour Tilly.