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2. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Woods/Grindbergs

The team investigates the cases of Grace Woods and Leons Grinbergs.


12. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Palmer/Banting

A vicar believes he's entitled to be buried in a family grave in Kensal Green Cemetery.


13. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Smith-Kiff/Sherry

John Kiff died in Littlehampton in 2008, but had also lived under the name of John Smith.

8. You've Been Scammed: Series 1, Will Writing Scam

Matt meets Terry and Pauline, who were exploited when they decided to make a will.


25. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Smith/Gray

The team search for living relatives of widower Gordon Smith, who died in 2009.


23. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Hudson/Jackson

The hunt is on for heirs of Red Cross nurse and hairdresser Ivy Hudson.


22. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Humphrey/Comaskey

The hunt is on for heirs of Vera Humphrey, who was given up for adoption as a child.


24. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Fawcett/Whelan

The team hunts the heirs of Ronald Fawcett, who died in 2010 without leaving a will.


21. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Bernstein/Foster

The team have their work cut out for them with the hunt for relatives of David Bernstein.


19. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Pope/Edwards

The team deal with the case of a lady who was one of Lyons' famous Nippy waitresses.


20. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Whittles/Phelps

The team think they have the inside scoop on a £250,000 estate.


18. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Simpson/Webbe

The team discover a relative who was involved in the famous Jarrow march of 1936.


16. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Walton/Sturm

The team looks into the estate of a cricket fan with an estimated £100,000 estate.


17. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Drinkwater/Neaves

The team search for relatives of two brothers who died within hours of each other.


15. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Luckarift/Paine

The team looks into the estate of former BBC scriptwriter Edward Luckarift.


13. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Roberts/Belchambers

The team re-examines the estate of David Hugh Roberts which is worth two million pounds.


11. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Somers/Buck

The team searches for the heirs of James Somers but they are unsure where he was born.


12. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Glanfield/Saunders

The teams struggles to establish if there is any value in the estate of Mary Glanfield.


14. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Milner/Sedgbeer

The team tries to find the living relatives of motorcycle enthusiast Ian Milner.


8. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Coleman/Dynak

The team face hot competition from rival firms.


9. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Brown/Greenhouse

The team have the daunting task of searching for a particular family called Brown.


10. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Jones/Rose

The probate researchers deal with the case of a musician with connections to Jimi Hendrix.


3. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Page/Ardley

The team investigates the case of Barbara Page, who died leaving behind £100,000.


7. Heir Hunters: Series 4, Boilard/Reminnij

A case takes Fraser and Fraser across the globe, starting with India.


13. Heir Hunters: Series 3, Lee/Allen

The team investigates the cases of Elfie Lee and millionairess Dorothea Allen.


7. Heir Hunters: Series 2, Bevan/Smith

A woman inherits part of a £200,000 fortune, and a pensioner finds a long-lost cousin.


5. Heir Hunters: Series 2, Higgins

The heir hunters track down the beneficiaries of an estate worth £70,000.


12. Heir Hunters: Series 2, Fisher/Bowley

The mystery of man who left home as a teenager and was never heard from again.


1. Heir Hunters: Series 2, Hilliard

The detectives have to break some tragic news. A pensioner goes on the trip of a lifetime.


15. Heir Hunters: Series 2, Smith

Featuring the case of an illegitimate man whose existence was kept a family secret.


11. Heir Hunters: Series 2, Bevan/Flynn

A pensioner who was orphaned in the Blitz meets her relatives for the first time.


5. Heir Hunters: Series 6, Mead/Miller

The team are trying to find the heirs to the estate of Robert Mead, who died in Thailand.


15. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Luckarift/Paine

The team looks into the estate of former BBC scriptwriter Edward Luckarift.


7. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Walker/West

The team deal with land donated by a Victorian philanthropist.


10. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Jones/Rose

The probate researchers deal with the case of Howard Jones and musician Timothy Rose.


5. Heir Hunters: Series 5, Thomas/Koshevnikova

The team investigate the cases of Robert Thomas and Alexandra Koshevnikova.