Intimate relationship

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Episode 7

7. Hot Like Us: Episode 7

Jonathan, Jody and Emma look back at the highs and lows of the competition.

The Nearlyweds

The Nearlyweds

Two couples discover potential pitfalls in each other's relationship before marrying.

Episode 6

6. Hot Like Us: Episode 6

In the final, the three remaining couples get a surprise from a celebrity supermodel.

Episode 5

5. Hot Like Us: Episode 5

The four remaining couples take part in a hi-tech greenscreen photoshoot.

Episode 4

4. Hot Like Us: Episode 4

The couples pose as fairytale characters for photographer Mark Harrison.

Episode 3

3. Hot Like Us: Episode 3

The couples must compete for roles in hip-hop star Lethal Bizzle's latest video.

Episode 1

1. Hot Like Us: Episode 1

The eight couples take part in a Posh & Becks-style underwear shoot.

The Trouble With Love and Sex

4. Wonderland: Series 3, The Trouble With Love and Sex

Animated documentary which gives an extraordinary insight into people's relationships.

The Football

4. Him & Her: Series 1, The Football

Everyone tries to watch the match between two local teams - except Steve, Laura and Paul.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

Comedy showing the emotional entanglements of romance from three angles.