Mark Horton (archaeologist)

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London to Antwerp

1. Coast: Series 6, London to Antwerp

The team starts in London and then explores the curious coast of Belgium.

The Netherlands

3. Coast: Series 6, The Netherlands

Coast ventures out to the astonishing man-made shoreline of the Netherlands.

King's Lynn to Felixstowe

7. Coast: Series 3, King's Lynn to Felixstowe

The Coast team journey around the breathtaking shoreline of East Anglia.

Devon and Cornwall

2. Coast: Series 6, Devon and Cornwall

The team's journey continues around the stunning shores of Devon and Cornwall.

Rottingdean and Volks Electric Railway

3. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Rottingdean and Volks Electric Railway

Mark Horton unearths the history of a unique Victorian railway which ran underwater.

Lowestoft Pier

Coast: Series 3 Reversions, Lowestoft Pier

Mark Horton investigates the current perilous state of our seaside piers.

Sweden and the Baltic

6. Coast: Series 6, Sweden and the Baltic

Coast visits Sweden and explores the British connections to this stunning shoreline.

Ravenscar to Hull

12. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Ravenscar to Hull

Neil Oliver is in Hull to retrace the footsteps of 19th-century immigrants.

Northern Islands

88. Coast: Shorts, Northern Islands

The World War II freedom fighters who risked everything running the Shetland Bus.


81. Coast: Shorts, Copper

A look at how Swansea's monopoly of the copper trade propelled Nelson towards victory.