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Last Christmas

54. Doctors: Series 13, Last Christmas

Karen is disturbed to find Santa Claus on a patient's roof during a home visit.

Keep on Running - Part 1

40. Casualty: Series 25, Keep on Running - Part 1

Adam goes to great lengths to prove his patients come first.

All About Me

35. Holby City: Series 13, All About Me

Jac tries to secure a consultant's position at Holby, and Dan tries to avoid Malick.

The Last Waltz

48. Doctors: Series 13, The Last Waltz

Heston tries to convince a man whose wife is dying of cancer that life is for living.

Smoke and Flames

47. Doctors: Series 13, Smoke and Flames

Kevin suffers from a lack of tact when dealing with a fireman suffering from PTSD.