Middle Ages

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4. Britain's Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones: Pilgrims

Griff retraces the medieval pilgrimage route from Holywell to St Davids.

Too Much, Too Young: Children of the Middle Ages

Too Much, Too Young: Children of the Middle Ages

Medievalist Dr Stephen Baxter looks at the Middle Ages through the eyes of children.

Age of Worship

2. Seven Ages of Britain: Age of Worship

Britain's art from the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170 to the death of Richard II in 1400.

Christina: A Medieval Life

Christina: A Medieval Life

Michael Wood traces the story of a real-life peasant of 14th-century Hertfordshire.

Episode 3

3. Brick by Brick: Rebuilding Our Past: Episode 3

Reconstructing a mysterious medieval building in Wales, 30 years after it was dismantled.

The Middle Ages

2. Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in...: The Middle Ages

Documentary looking at the clash between luxury and Christianity in medieval Europe.

Reformation: Chaos and Creation

4. Churches: How to Read Them: Reformation: Chaos and Creation

How the medieval devotion to the Virgin Mary fuelled the anger of the Reformation.

The Victorians and After

6. Churches: How to Read Them: The Victorians and After

How medieval imagery made a surprise return to Victorian places of worship.

Medieval Death

3. Churches: How to Read Them: Medieval Death

How churches were designed to give medieval people a way to 'escape' death.

Medieval Life

2. Churches: How to Read Them: Medieval Life

How and why parish churches played a crucial role in the everyday life of the Middle Ages.

Clarissa and the King's Cookbook

Clarissa and the King's Cookbook

Clarissa Dickson Wright tracks down Britain's oldest cookbook and traces its influence.


3. Inside the Medieval Mind: Belief

Robert Bartlett examines the way we thought during medieval times.


1. Inside the Medieval Mind: Knowledge

To our forebears in the Middle Ages, the world could appear mysterious and even enchanted.


2. Inside the Medieval Mind: Sex

Robert Bartlett unearths evidence of the complex passions of medieval men and women.