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The Birth of the NHS

11. Reel History of Britain: The Birth of the NHS

Aneira Thomas shares her remarkable claim to fame, as the first baby born on the NHS.

Gerry and the GPs

Panorama: Gerry and the GPs

Sir Gerry Robinson examines government plans for the biggest-ever shake-up of the NHS.

One Born Every 40 Seconds

Panorama: One Born Every 40 Seconds

Shelley Jofre reveals that some parts of the UK are facing a shortage of midwives.

Surgery's Dirty Secrets

Panorama: Surgery's Dirty Secrets

Investigating claims that the NHS is using surgical instruments with dangerous defects.


12. Saints and Scroungers: Series 2, Tomkins/Dunlop

The story of an NHS manager who managed to steal over 200,000 pounds of NHS money.